Dearest Superstars,

To start off, we would like to thank you for your endearing support; your passion and dedication has enriched the game and grown the community to what it is today. Over the past 2 and a half years, many irreplaceable memories were made. We at Garena are grateful for the support you have shown us at the numerous in-game and live events, where we got to befriend some of the most passionate players we’ve met thus far.

We are sad to announce today that the journey is coming to an end as our developer Netmarble will no longer be supporting Mstar Online in the Singapore and Malaysia regions. On 31st March 2016, the current Mstar Online server will be closing down.

However - when one journey ends, another begins.

Superstars will be granted the option to migrate to Mstar Online Taiwan and continue on their road to stardom in a new environment. You are in good hands as Garena Taiwan is a renowned publisher of Mstar Online, allowing the local community to continue to immerse themselves in their favourite k-pop culture. Look forward to highlights such as Home Garden Season 3 and over 130 songs. Featuring “Gotta Be You” by 2NE1, “Sober” by Big Bang, “R.O.D.” by G-Dragon and many more!

27 Jan 2016: Announcement Day Details

    • Top-up shop has been disabled.
    • There will be no new content updates, including planet stones.
    • VIP club closure. Superstars will still be able to claim February VIP rewards from the VIP website, but there will be no rewards/points recorded after Jan 2016.

Emergency patch details:

    • Disabled new character creation.
    • Disabled wedding booking system.
    • Updated Music Collection for Feb 2016. There will be no new music collections for Mar 2016.
    • Fixed bug affecting certain colours of Walking Speakers.

31 Mar 2016: Server Closure & Migration Details

    • After server closure, a web-based account migration site will be opened for a period of time.
    • Players need to opt in to migrate their characters to Taiwan. Failure to do so will result in a permanent and non-reversible character deletion.
    • Only characters created before 27 Jan 2016, 00:00 (GMT+8) are eligible for migratioin.
    • The launcher on Garena Messenger will open Mstar Online Taiwan instead.
    • Mstar Online Taiwan's client and customer service’s language is Traditional Chinese.
    • Transferrables
      • M-cash, M-points, Candy, Garden level, Garden Plants, pets, account level and other account information will be carried over to Mstar Online Taiwan.
      • Item synchronization between servers will enable most items to be transferred over.
    • However,
      • User-to-user relationships such as friend lists, crews, couple relationships, rankings, garden admin permissions and outstanding garden part-time jobs will be reset.
      • Couple related items will be lost (a compensation package will be given to affected users).
      • Pet race and pet puzzle mini games do not exist in Mstar Online Taiwan.
    • All players will receive a special “Welcome Package” including VVIP privileges.

More information will be released at a later date, kindly check back here regularly and watch out for updates.

It has truly been a great privilege to be able to bring Mstar Online to you. Once again, thank you for all your support and understanding. We hope to see you again in Mstar Online Taiwan!

Mstar Online Team