Creating An Account

creating an account

  1. Please visit to register for a Garena account.
  2. Follow installation instructions here:
  3. Create and customize your very own Mstar character and make your Debut

7 Newbie Tips for a Headstart!

  1. Like us on Facebook and redeem special rewards

  2. Log in daily to get 1 log-in candy each day

  3. Events Join our on-going events!
  4. Complete quests to unlock game features, increase your house size and win rewards!
    Unlock "My Home" and "Home Garden" features by completing Main Quest #10

  5. Home Garden's reward baskets will provide exclusive rewards! Don't forget to harvest your plants daily and apply for part time jobs! (Home garden guide)
         Reward Basket

  6. Visit [NPC]Officer Gini in Mushroom Lounge every day to receive the day's schedule (i.e. daily quest)

  7. Win rewards for completing collections - Music Collection (MC) can be done once every week!Collection


Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the game!