How To Install

Method 1

  1. Download the Full Client Installer 
    1. Ensure minimum system requirements are met.
    2. Installer will automatically install both Garena Messenger and the Game Client.
  2.  Launch Garena Plus Messenger.

  3. Log in with your Garena account. (Register here)
      1.  Your Garena Plus [Region Settings] need to be in either Singapore or Malaysia.

  4. Click on the Mstar icon to launch the game.



If you already have Garena Plus Messenger installed, please do not change the installation path. By doing so, you may encounter issues in launching the game.


Method 2

  1. Download G+ Messenger here
  2. Launch Garena+ Messenger & Log-in (Register here)
  3. Click on Mstar's Icon
  4. Click Install

Insttall Mstar



Method 3

  1. Copy the files "GarenaMstar" from a friend (Location: C:\Program Files (x86))
  2. Paste it into your computer's C:\Program Files (x86)\
  3. Log-in to Garena Messenger
  4. Double click MstarLauncher (C:\Program Files (x86)\GarenaMstar)
  5.  The "Install Mstar" button should update to "Play Mstar"


1. Uninstall your current Mstar

  • Method 1: Use the uninstaller wizard "Uninst" in C:\Program Files (x86)\GarenaMstar.
  • Method 2: Control panel > Uninstall a program > Uninstall Mstar

2. Install Mstar using any of the methods above