Once your character reaches Level 10, you can visit the NPC located at the Club Hive to set up a new crew.

crew manager

After you have created a crew, it will only be officially recognized when you have reached a minimum of 5 members. Thereafter, you will gain access to the message board and be allowed to level up the clan.

If you are looking to be a member of a crew instead of creating your own, before you join any crew, you will be able to view details on all available crews, ie. Crew Leader, Crew Level, Number of Crew Members, when the crew was established and so on. To join a crew, click on the “Join” button in the menu.

Once you have joined a crew, you will be able to view your crew’s details and be able to leave messages on the Crew Message Board.

Level 2 30 Members
Level 3 50 Members
Level 4 80 Members
Level 5 120 Members
Level 6 160 Members
Level 7 200 Members
Level 8 300 Members
Level 9 400 Members
Level 10 500 Members
Level 11 600 Members
Level 12 700 Members
Level 13 800 Members
You will be able to add more members as your Crew levels up.

Crew info

Basic Crew Features & Information

Crew Members, Crew Level, Crew Leader, Established Date, Member Join Date, Announcements and Crew Message Board.

Leveling the Crew

Each Crew Member can contribute EXP gained from playing games from a minimum of 5% to a maximum of 100%.

Crew Members Information

This will show you the list of members in your crew. Using this feature, you will be able to add and kick crew members.

Crew Management

You can manage your members and approve/reject joining requests here. You can also approve new members, set up ranks, and check members’ last activity date.

Crew Battle

Once you are a member of a Crew, you can enter the Crew Channel to battle against other Crew Members. The only available modes for Crew battles are “Bubble Battle Team Mode”, “Bubble Battle All-Kill Team Mode”, “Dance Battle Classic Team Mode”, “Dance Battle Star Team Mode”.

crew channel

The amount of points you can gain by competing against your Crew Members will gradually decrease. For example, if you gain 400 points in the first game, the gain from the second game will be reduced to 390, and so on. The other option to gain more points is to compete against members from a different Crew. A 3v3 match will also give you more points than a 2v2.

Crew Ladder

Weekly Crew Ladder

Ranks Crew members according to their accumulated points in a descending order. The stats for this ladder is refreshed every week.

Hall of Honor

Based on the Weekly Crew Ladder, the Top 3 scorers will be rewarded a special medal for their performance.

Monthly Crew Experience Ladder

This is ranked based on crew experience accumulated by crew members. The stats for this ladder is based on last 30 day stats and will be refreshed on a daily basis.

Total Growth Ladder

This ranks players by total experience accumulated over time. This stat will be updated on a daily basis.